We are Nim and Praha, the co-founders of WriterShield. We are both developers based in Thailand, building a simple yet powerful ebook protection service. The idea for WriterShield came from after spending hundreds of hours looking into DRM softwares, we realised many of them are overkill and too expensive. We need a simple yet powerful ebook DRM service.

How we differ from other DRM companies

First of all, you might already notice that our price is way lower than most of our competitors. Our competitors pricing usually starts at $100/month but our service start from $40/month (as of September 7, 2020).

How is that possible?

Because most of our competitors are old companies built on old technologies (which, of course, works perfectly fine). However, these technologies require a lot of money to maintain and manage. Technologies these days are way more cost effective and much more easier to manage. Plus this is a promotional price. If you subscribe to our service now you will be locked with this pricing forever even though we increase the price in the future, you'll not be affected unless you unsubscribe.

Who use our service?

Our customers range from indie authors to medium size businesses.